Maps and directions. Local statistics and historical information about the Village of Garrettsville are also available in this section.

About Garrettsville

Life in Garrettsville offers residents of all ages many opportunities for socializing, education, entertainment, and fun. Check this section for information about our schools, our library, local resources, and upcoming community events.

Living In Garrettsville

Thinking about moving to Garrettsville? We'd love to have you join our community. See this section for apartments, realtors, assisted living faciltiies, local utilities information and more.

Moving To Garrettsville

Garrettsville is a great place to be in business. Our facilites include a charming historical district for shops and small offices, commercial districts for larger establishments, and full industrial districts. Visit this section of our site for more information about bringing your business to Garrettsville.

Doing Business In Garrettsville

In an emergency, dial 911. For other emergency numbers, information about local emergency departments and services, hotlines, and assistance numbers, see this section.

Emergency Services

Shopping, dining, parks, trails, socials, parties, festivals, music, antiques, bed and breakfasts, waterfalls, historic sites - Garrettsville has it all. See this section for information about staying and playing in the Village of Garrettsville.

Visiting Garrettsville

This section provides information about our various Village departments, commitees and councils, including contact information. Tax forms, other forms, meeting minutes, and official Village documents such as Codifed Ordinances are also available in this area of the site.

Village Directory

Thinking about starting a new business in Garrettsville, or moving an existing business to Garrettsville? We'd love to have you join our community. The Garrettsville Business Portal tells you everything you need to know about opening a business here.

About Garrettsville
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