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Village Hall

8213 High Street
Garrettsville, OH 44231

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Village Departments

Garrettsville-Freedom-Nelson Joint Fire District
8035 Elm Street
Telephone: 330-527-4050

Income Tax Department
8213 High Street
Telephone: 330-527-2179

Police Department
8123 High Street
Telephone: 330-527-4717

Street Department
8314 Water Street
Telephone: 330-527-2150

Village Clerk
8213 High Street
Telephone: 330-527-4424

Water Department
10724 Liberty Street
Telephone: 330-527-2080

Zoning Inspector
8213 High Street
Telephone: 330-527-2070

Village Council

Rick Patrick, Mayor
Telephone: 330-687-9637

Nancy Baldwin, Clerk-Treasurer
Telephone: 330-527-2602

Christina Anderson, Councilperson
Telephone: 330-527-8007

Charles Klamer, Councilperson
Telephone: 330-527-5729

Becky Harrington, Councilperson
Telephone: 440-477-6671

Tom Hardesty, Council President
Telephone: 330-527-4623

Steven Hadzinsky, Councilperson
Telephone: 630-267-5050

Jeff Kaiser, Councilperson
Telephone: 330-527-5079

Mayor's Appointments

Streets, Parks and Cemetaries
Charles Klamer

Christina Anderson

Safety Committee
Rick Patrick
Jeff Kaiser - Community EMS Rep
Robert Matson- GFN Joint Fire District Rep

All Council Members

Village Properties & Sidewalks
Charles Klamer
Steve Hadzinsky

Village Employee Salary Committee
All Council Members

CRA Housing Officer
Robert Matson

EMS District Rep.
Jeff Kaiser

Fire District Rep.
Robert Matson

Planning Commission
Mayor Rick Patrick
Bob Matson
Donald Harvey
Gerald Kehoe
Tom Hardesty

Income Tax Review Board
Charles Klamer
Robert Matson
Solicitor Michele Stuck

Board of Zoning Appeals
Becky Harrington
Larry Eiermann
Carolynn Sendry

Records Committee
Nancy Baldwin
Mayor Rick Patrick
Solicitor Michele Stuck

Audit Committee
Nancy Baldwin
Christina Anderson

PCRPC Designee
Mayor Rick Patrick
Becky Harrington (Alternate)

Board of Trustees of Public Affairs

Stephanie Byrne, President
Telephone: 330-527-4772

Fran Teresi
Telephone: 330-527-2630

Chris Knop
Telephone: 330-527-2910

  • Beginning December 2012, the monthly meeting of the Garrettsville Village Safety Committee will be held on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00p.m. in the office of the Mayor, Village Hall, 8213 High Street, Garrettsville, OH 44231